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Car and Truck Repairs
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About Us


I'm Ryan, owner and chief mechanic at R.E.A. Automotive in Bonita Springs.  When I started my auto repair business I set out with the philosophy of running it like the old time neighborhood mechanics ran theirs.  Basically , this means we treat every person who walks through our door (you) like a real friend and we give you the same advice and quality of service as we would a member of our family.  At the same time I wanted to offer reasonable prices and a higher level of service than any service place in the local area.  This sounds like a tall order of business, but when you enjoy helping people as much as I do, and you have the extensive background in training that I have gone through, then it becomes easier because I, and those that work with me, actually enjoy coming to work and helping nice people.

I have an extensive history in auto repair, having been a mechanic for auto repair dealerships for many years and have every ASE certification possible.  There are eight ASE certifications available and I have them all, whereas most mechanics have one to none.  Why is this important to you?  Today's cars are no longer just mechanical devices, but are becoming more and more computerized.  A mechanic who is not trained at the highest level of mechanics and computer related technologies can misdiagnose problems.  Basically, they sometimes unintentionally fix a component of your vehicle that “is not” broken and fail to fix the one that “is” malfunctioning.  The result sometimes being that you can find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere in a rainstorm, frying in the sweltering summer heat or all alone by the side of the road in the middle of the night.  No mechanic gets it right every time. But there is a huge difference between mechanics who have every possible ASE certification and those who don't. It comes down to ”Do you want to increase your odds of getting it fixed right the first time.”

My goal is to make this the best car or truck repair experience that you have had in your life.

Oh, and I love to work on classic cars and to improve the performance of high performance vehicles.  Nothing is more fun than increasing the torque, and getting a car or truck off the starting line a little faster or increasing the top end speeds of already fast cars.  I just love it.

So no matter what type of car or truck you own I hope you'll come in and allow us to make this your best vehicle experience ever.

Thank You,

Ryan Krape

Car and Truck Repairs
Car and Truck Repairs
Car and Truck Repairs
Car and Truck Repairs






























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