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Car and Truck Repairs
Car and Truck Repairs
Car and Truck Repairs
Car and Truck Repairs
Car and Truck Repairs
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Car and Truck Repairs
Car Repairs
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Car and Truck Repairs
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Car Repairs

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Car and Truck Repairs
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Car and Truck Repairs

Are you looking for a mechanic that knows you by name?  Do you need a mechanic that you can trust?  R.E.A Automotive provides a friendly atmosphere where connections between our customers and us are truthful and honest. Imagine having a mechanic that treats you like family and is always dependable.  My name is Ryan Krape, and I am the owner and head mechanic of R.E.A Automotive. 

When you go to a mechanic, there are a few things you may want to know.  What is this mechanics experience?  And what do other people say about them?  I have been a mechanic for over 22 years!  And we come highly recommended from all of our clients.

Some things you need to know when coming to R.E.A Automotive:

First, I'll never scare you into doing a repair immediately if it isn't needed. I will always walk you through the steps of the repair. I will even physically show you the part that failed.

Second, we only use the very best and proper equipment when working on your specific vehicle.  All vehicles and all problems are different and we treat each one as unique.

No matter what vehicle you drive, it will need some maintenance or repairs at some point. You need someone to help give your vehicle a long healthy life. When deciding on your long term mechanic, you may want to look at their qualifications!  Unlike most mechanics I am proudly an ASE Master Technician which is the highest qualified mechanic there is.  As a company, we are ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified as well. In fact, I am one of the few mechanics you will ever find who has “every ASE certification” possible which means there is a good chance that I will often find and fix a problem the first time where someone else might have needed to make multiple attempts (Leaving you stranded by the side of the road) before getting it right.

If you want reasonable prices, quality service, friendly treatment and honest advice from one of the highest qualified mechanics in the local area please give us a call or stop by.

Thank You,

Ryan Krape

Owner and head mechanic

Car and Truck Repairs
Car and Truck Repairs
Car and Truck Repairs
Car and Truck Repairs






























Car Repairs







Car Repairs Bonita Springs Bonita Springs Car Repairs
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Car Repair Estero Car Differential Repairs Estero Foreign Car Repairs Estero
Auto Repairs Estero Car Electrical Repairs Estero European Car Repairs Estero
Car Repair Shop Estero Car Engine Repairs Estero Classic Car Repairs Estero
Truck Repairs Estero Car Exhaust Repairs Estero Sports Car Repairs Estero
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Vehicle Alignments Estero Car Mirror Repairs Estero Car Battery Repairs Estero
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Truck Performance Enhancement Estero Car Sensor Repairs Estero Car Window Repairs Estero
Car Maintenance Estero Car Shocks Repairs Estero Car Wiper Repairs Estero
Truck Maintenance Estero Car Starter Repairs Estero Car Transmission Repairs Estero
American Car Repairs Estero Car Steering Repairs Estero Car Water Pump Repairs Estero
Car Timing Belt Repairs Estero Car Suspension Repairs Estero Car Belt Repairs Estero
Car Tire Repairs Estero Car Repair Estero SUV Repairs Estero
Car Dashboard Gauge Repairs Estero Car Clutch Repairs Estero Car Brake Repairs Estero
Car Repairs Bonita Springs Car Diagnostic Repairs Bonita Springs Domestic Car Repairs Bonita Springs
Car Repair Bonita Springs Car Differential Repairs Bonita Springs Foreign Car Repairs Bonita Springs
Auto Repairs Bonita Springs Car Electrical Repairs Bonita Springs European Car Repairs Bonita Springs
Car Repair Shop Bonita Springs Car Engine Repairs Bonita Springs Classic Car Repairs Bonita Springs
Truck Repairs Bonita Springs Car Exhaust Repairs Bonita Springs Sports Car Repairs Bonita Springs
Oil Changes Bonita Springs Car Ignition Repairs Bonita Springs Car Air Conditioning Repairs Bonita Springs
Tune-Ups Bonita Springs Car Light Repairs Bonita Springs Car Alternator Repairs Bonita Springs
Vehicle Alignments Bonita Springs Car Mirror Repairs Bonita Springs Car Battery Repairs Bonita Springs
Car Performance Enhancement Bonita Springs Car Radiator Repairs Bonita Springs Car Wheel Bearing Repairs Bonita Springs
Truck Performance Enhancement Bonita Springs Car Sensor Repairs Bonita Springs Car Window Repairs Bonita Springs
Car Maintenance Bonita Springs Car Shocks Repairs Bonita Springs Car Wiper Repairs Bonita Springs
Truck Maintenance Bonita Springs Car Starter Repairs Bonita Springs Car Transmission Repairs Bonita Springs
American Car Repairs Bonita Springs Car Steering Repairs Bonita Springs Car Water Pump Repairs Bonita Springs
Car Timing Belt Repairs Bonita Springs Car Suspension Repairs Bonita Springs Car Belt Repairs Bonita Springs
Car Tire Repairs Bonita Springs Car Repair Bonita Springs SUV Repairs Bonita Springs
Car Dashboard Gauge Repairs Bonita Springs Car Clutch Repairs Bonita Springs Car Brake Repairs Bonita Springs